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About us


Would you believe that the whole Herb’s Oil story started from one Hawaiian grandmother? Well, believe it! Her Hawaiian skin care remedies forever changed the lives of the two founders, and their families. Tata and Vriko, two best friends from Hong Kong, both experienced debilitating skin issues. Vriko’s skin was damaged from the cold, dry weather while working in Norway. She suffered from flakey, cracked skin that stung and itched. Tata experimented with a whole host of skin products for her second son’s Eczema, rashes and food allergies. At one point, her son was put on steroids to try and treat his skin issues. They’d exhausted all of their options and all of those chemical-ridden products were only making things worse. They needed a new perspective.

Then, straight out of a fairy tale, an old Hawaiian woman gave Tata a bar of soap made with all-natural ingredients from Hawaii. After using the soap for a few weeks, her son’s skin improved! She shared it with Vriko and since then, the two founders won’t use anything else for themselves or for their families. Now, they want to share it with you!

Tata and Vriko understand what it’s like to have to deal with painful skin issues. They care about every every customer’s hands, feet, backs and uh...other places. Their team of mothers, students and young women put a lot of heart into each jar and bottle. That’s why they insist on only sourcing the best natural ingredients for their customers. All of the oils in Herb’s Oil products 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Tata and Vriko’s respect for local farmers, ancient Hawaiian remedies and the nature that surrounds them is shown through their products. So, even if you don’t have a Hawaiian fairy godmother, Tata and Vriko are here to bring you all of the Hawaiian secrets that have helped them and their families.